Simfatic Forms Update (5.0.5) Available

A new update of Simfatic Forms is available for download.
Download Simfatic Forms

Updates in this release

  • 1. fixes multi-page forms with different sizes display issue
  • 2. Paypal calculated quantity/variable quantity not getting updated – fixed
  • 3. Added an option in Decimal (numeric) field to turn off the up/down spinner
  • 4. Other small fixes and enhancements

The decimal field will have an option to turn off the spinner/arrows that appear by default for numeric input fields. The spinner is displayed by default by browsers for HTML5 <input type=’number’ > field.

However, many Simfatic Forms users found the ‘spinners’ not quite useful. So there will an option in the decimal field properties to create a decimal field without those ‘spinners’.

There is no consistent way in HTML5/CSS3 to turn the spinners off. In order to create ‘plain’ numeric fields without those spinners, Simfatic Forms creates an <input type=’text’ pattern='[0-9]*’> field.

Download Simfatic Forms