End of Beta and a humble invitation to Bloggers

Simfatic Forms 3.0 will be released tomorrow, 21 Jul 2009.

The first release of Simfatic Forms 3.0 beta was on 6th March 2009. The beta shaped a better Simfatic Forms. There still is a pretty long To-Do list; that will eventually be addressed in the upcoming versions.

There are schools that are pro-beta and are against-beta. There are several positive reasons to have a public beta and have the real users try hands on. I will keep that discussion aside for another post.

Dear Beta participants, Thank you, Thank you and Thank you !

I will send you the well-deserved license for Simfatic Forms Professional ASAP. Please allow one week; compiling the list and sending out the email is going to be a big task : ) ( Quickly scribble a Perl script? Where is my Perl reference book 🙂 )

A humble invitation to Bloggers

If your readers benefit having a quick, feature-rich form maker software, please do have a look at Simfatic Forms. See the FAQ page for details. The FAQ page contains a short video demo too.

Contact me ( prasanth (a-t) simfatic.com) with the link to your blog and I will send you a Free license. There is no obligation; your honest review is well appreciated.