After the ‘Big’ Release

It has been one week after the release of Simfatic Forms 3.0. It was for sure a busy week.

Beta Participants

The free licenses for all Beta participants were sent out. There were 140 active beta participants for Simfatic Forms 3.0. ( that is $13,860 worth of licenses! )

If you participated in the beta program and didn’t get my email for some reason, please contact me for your free license.

Existing Customers

I sent out an email announcement to all existing Simfatic Forms customers as well. The email contains information on how to upgrade to Simfatic Forms 3.0

Web site updates website went through a major revamp as part of releasing Simfatic Forms 3.0

There are still some more fine tuning in progress.

If you spot a JavaScript error or a typo, let me know.

I would also appreciate your feedback on the updated web site.

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