Another Simfatic Forms 4.0 Update

Another release of Simfatic Forms 4 is available (Simfatic Forms 4.0.11)

Here is the list of updates in this release:

  1. “Short UniqueID” if “Save to Database” option is enabled
  2. The unique id field used to be a long sequence of alpha-numeric characters. Now, if you enable “Save to database”, the unique id will be shorter , automatically.

  3. Fixed problem with radio group copy paste to another page
  4. Copy-pasting radio groups and checkbox groups to other pages used to keep them in the original group. Fixed now.

  5. Form fields can be used as variables in other pages
  6. You can use field names like this: %Name% in other form pages as well.

  7. Fixed ‘access denied’ problem(security checks) in networks where the IP address changes frequently
  8. Paypal works fine on PHP4 servers as well


Simfatic Forms 4.0.11

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