Simfatic Forms 4.0 Released

Simfatic Forms 4.0 Final version is released today. You can download from the link below;

Download Simfatic Forms 4.0

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you very much for all the beta participants!
Your feedback shaped Simfatic Forms the way it is now.

I will be emailing the Free licenses for the beta participants within two weeks- a HUGE list to compile!

Web site updates website went through a major revamp as part of the release.

If you spot a JavaScript error, 404 or a typo, please let me know.


If you purchased Simfatic Forms 3.2 on or after 1st May 2012, the upgrade is free. You will receive the email with the free license before 18 Dec 2012.

Upgrading from Simfatic Forms 3.x to 4.0 costs USD 29* only.
Click here for upgrading from 3.x to 4.0

Get Brand New Licenses

Simfatic Forms 4.0 licenses are available for just USD 59* for a limited time. Take the opportunity and grab shiny new licenses here.

* Update:

These prices were early bird offers and are updated later. For the current price, please see the order page

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