Simfatic Forms 4.0 beta 6 Available

A very new update of Simfatic Forms 4.0 is available for download.

Here are the highlights in this update:

Localization of Date, currency and numbers

Date localization

Feature to move pages

Move pages up/down

Individual label style can be edited now

Label properties

New widget: Multi-select listbox

Multi-select list

Here is a detailed list of updates:

  1. Localization : Date & currency format can be selected in the Form:General -> Localization tab
  2. New Date Field: Initial value feature. Date fields can have an initial value; whether a fixed date or a date like ‘today’ or another_date + 2 days
  3. Feature to move pages
  4. Custom HTML widget: insert custom HTML or a complete custom widget anywhere in the form
  5. new widget: Multi-select listbox (a scrollable list of multiple choices)
  6. Look and Feel: The page can have a common font that the other elements inherit.
  7. Look and Feel: Text boxes, multiline textboxes & dropdown lists style can be customized in the Look & Feel page.
  8. A new ‘Javascript tab’ for custom Javascript code in the ‘custom code’ dialog box.
  9. Inserting a field table in the form to email page: a new easier UI is added.
  10. Individual Label style can be edited now
  11. More fixes and updates

Thank you very much for your feedback. All the updates above are the results of your comments.

You can download the new version from the link below:
Simfatic Forms 4 beta 6

Please do send your comments (whatever it may be ) here:
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