Simfatic Forms 4.0 Beta 5 Released

Here is another release of Simfatic Forms 4.0 beta. (Beta 5). The last release, Beta 4, expires on June 30th.
You can download this new release and install it. Beta 5 expires on August 31.


This new release has a brand new Look & Feel page:
New look and feel page

‘Must be unique’ validation for text fields:
Must be unique validation

More alignment buttons and an updated ‘Draw the form’ page:
align options

Most of the reported issues are fixed now.

Here is a brief list of updates :

  • New Look & Feel Page
  • The background image/color of the form can be edited in the Look & Feel Page
  • Fixed errors with the new validation script
  • The error message style can also be edited in the Look & Feel Page
  • Better re-install (uploads only the changed files)
  • ‘Must be unique’ validation added for text fields
  • More Align options added
  • submit buttons show a ‘loading…’ animation on pressed
  • New elements: Box, Vertical/horizontal lines

Almost all of these awesome new features are a result of your persistent feedback. Please do continue posting your comments.

Simfatic Forms Beta release page

Click here to download Simfatic Forms 4.0 Beta 5

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