Simfatic Forms 3.0 beta 3 is released

Simfatic Forms version 3.0 beta 3 (build: is available for download.

Grab your copy 🙂

This update comes with a bunch of exciting features and fixes.

Major Changes

  1. New error message style for validation errors
  2. New style form validation message
    Those message boxes can be moved or closed.

  3. Ajax validation for Captcha
  4. Quicker response to Captcha validation, using the enhanced message style.

  5. ‘format to currency’ function in calculation field
  6. Round to two decimal points and optionally insert separator (example: 1,000.25)

  7. ‘Detail view’ (‘show form submissions’) shows international characters properly
  8. Object handles to indicate whether resizing is possible
  9. Resize handles for objects

  10. ‘Read only’ calculation field
  11. Many more bug fixes and enhancements

Thank you very much for all those suggestions and bug reports 🙂 . Your feedback really helps in making Simfatic Forms the best web form software on the planet!

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