Simfatic Forms 3.2 Released!

Simfatic Forms 3.2 is moving out of beta.

Although the beta was for a relatively shorter period, we received tons of excellent feedback. Thank you very much for all those participated in the beta.

Download Simfatic Forms 3.2

Here is the list of changes in Simfatic Forms 3.2

  1. Custom Client side code can now be added
    (header, footer, custom css )
  2. ‘Load value from URL’ setting in Options dialog box
  3. More extension module call backs: auto-response, form mail and file uploads
  4. Added hyperlink object
  5. Fixed date validation error for certain date formats
  6. Displays a placeholder if the image file is missing
  7. Removed (PHP 5) deprecated code constructs from PHP code
  8. The tab order is followed for ordering the elements in the
    rest of the pages (validation, form to email etc)
  9. More bug fixes

All those who have a license for Simfatic Forms 3.0 or 3.1 can upgrade to Simfatic Forms 3.2 for free. Your existing license key will work with Simfatic Forms 3.2.

Download Simfatic Forms 3.2

Let me know your feedback.

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