‘Conditional’ Recipients

Suppose you want to send the form submission email conditionally, based on a form input. For example, there is a ‘department’ drop down in the form. Depending on the selection in the drop down, the email should be sent to the corresponding address. (sales@mycompany.com, billing@mycompany.com etc)

How to add a ‘Confirm Email’ field

It is common to have a validation that compares two fields in the form – Confirm Password, Confirm email and so on. Some developers believe that this will ensure that the correct email/password is entered. Just like you, I also don’t like typing my email twice; but, since you asked, here is how to do […]

Simfatic Forms 3.1 released!

Simfatic Forms 3.1 is finally out of beta. There are a number of enhancements available in this new update. Here is the summary: 1. You can change the DocType of generated code in Options & Settings 2. The generated code passes HTML/XHTML(strict) validations at w3.org 3. More standardization: ‘label’ tag and ‘for’ attribute