How to add google analytics to your form

Do you know how many users to your form actually finishes and submits the form? Without tracking the success rate, you can’t improve your form for better conversion. In this post, I will show you how to add Google analytics to your form and how to track the conversion rate. Simfatic Forms Custom Code Box […]

Simfatic Forms 4.0 Beta 7 Released

Here is a new release of Simfatic Forms 4. This release primarily contains bug fixes and general improvements. Updates: Preview opens in browser; added progress box on preview Datepicker validates ‘live’ on selection Better context menus in Draw the form page Auto hiding Default text for textbox & multiline text Better context menus in ‘Draw […]

Simfatic Forms 4 Beta 5 Update

The last release (Simfatic Forms 4 beta 5) had some problems with label/button display. Here is the release with the fix for those display problems. Thanks for all who reported this problem so quickly. Here is the new download link simfatic-forms-405beta5-2.exe